Towering above us: new proposal for post office site

A planning application has recently been submitted for redevelopment of the former sorting office site at 80 Caversham Road, between the retail park and the railway.

The proposal shows a central square surrounded by several tall buildings, the tallest of which has 24 storeys and if built would be the tallest building in Reading. There are 12-storey blocks at the western end of the site, which would effectively be next to TGI Friday’s.

At this stage this is not a full planning application but a ‘request for screening opinion’, which gives the developer’s view on how the planning process should proceed. It does, however, include some plans and drawings that give an indication of the contents of a future full application.

Residents are worried about the likely effect of the tall buildings. Bell Tower secretary David Neale said: “The proposal for buildings of such height close to a low-rise residential area gives us great cause for concern. It is likely that the 12 storey blocks will overshadow houses in Northfield and Swansea Roads and the tallest block will overlook streets as far away as Addison and Newport Roads. We urge the council to require a full analysis of the effects of the tall buildings on neighbouring streets and refuse the application if any adverse effect is found.”

The planning document can be viewed at – the application number is 171448. Residents can also submit their own comments on the proposal via the council’s website.

This application has subsequently been withdrawn.

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