Retail park site plans submitted

An outline planning application has been submitted for the retail park site containing Aldi, The Range and TGI Fridays.

Owners Aviva are looking to redevelop this site for housing as and when leases run out on units in this retail park. Initial plans and feedback form at As well as a large number of flats, plans include a hotel, pub, offices and leisure faclities.

We are starting to look at the details and will provide more information when we have had more time to study the plans.

The planning application has now been submitted and comments are invited – this is at


  • Alastair Blakey

    Not at all welcome.
    – Roads are already overly congested in that area, and this will worsen the problem.
    – No pedestrian access past South end of block D to get to the station from the West side.
    – Reading already has a housing glut.
    – Current shops with customer parking are an amenity for residents, and should not be replaced.

  • David Neale

    We also have our concerns about this. The development will have very limited parking, so the impact on local traffic might not be that great, but limited parking might also affect the desirability of the development (developer struggles to sell, cuts corners on the specifications etc.) A big concern is where all these people without cars are expected to do their shopping – or will there just be massive fleets of Tesco vans and Deliveroo bikes constantly plying the area?

    • Alastair Blakey

      It’s good to hear that there will be very limited parking.
      As for supermarket delivery vans, each van must carry about 20 or 30 households worth, so 19 to 29 less vehicles on the road?

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