The end of Papa Gee’s? Budget hotel planned for Caversham Road

Plans to convert the Rainbows Lodge in Caversham Road into a super-budget easyHotel have been submitted to Reading Borough Council. The hotel would have 53 rooms, some of them windowless, and the existing Papa Gee’s restaurant would be converted into rooms.

Booking can only be made online, rooms are just big enough to accommodate a bed, housekeeping services are extra and there are no tea and coffee making facilities in rooms.

Full details and the opportunity to comment on the proposal can be found on the council’s website at

Since publication of this article Papa Gee’s restaurant has moved to Prospect Street, Caversham.

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  • PPW

    Are you sure it’s a hotel? Sounds like a Victorian doss house. With the numbers of homeless currently sleeping in the town centre perhaps the prospective owners have spotted a gap in the market. For a small fee they can have a straw filled mattress and a bowl of watery cabbage soup. Don’t you just love Victorian values.

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