Graffiti – before and after

We’ve been wiping out the graffiti from our area!

Since the spring of 2007 we have cleaned or painted over all the graffiti in our area, including a few extras on the other side of Caversham Road, and have been busy cleaning any new graffiti as it appears. There are picture stories on the web about our Ross Road graffiti clean-up in April and our emergency graffiti clean-up after an overnight attack in June, which we managed to clean up by the next lunchtime. So far we have wiped out over 300 tags – here is a selection of “before and after” pictures…

The 2nd annual tidy-up day

On Saturday 11 August 2007 we got out the big skip again! We managed to fill the skip, sponsored by Reading Festival organisers Mean Fiddler, in 4 hours – and recycle some of the more useful stuff too!


Bell Tower Treasure Hunt

One fine Friday evening there were loads of people running around our area waving sheets of paper…it could only be the treasure hunt! Simon B set the fiendish questions, and sent nearly 30 of us on a serious workout…

Graffiti attack!

On Saturday 2 June 2007 we woke up to find a significant graffiti attack along Ross Road, Swansea Road and Northfield Road. Our “G-Team” were soon on the case and managed to clean up all 14 of the new tags by lunchtime!

Reading Blooms 2007 – the launch day

On Saturday 12 May 2007 we set up our stall in the E P Collier School playground to give local residents an opportunity to brighten up their front gardens, courtesy of Reading Borough Council. Free troughs and hanging baskets were on offer, along with a selection of plants – and there were even one or two experts around to give some helpful advice!

Ross Road Graffiti clean-up

We had a successful morning on Good Friday cleaning up all the graffiti in Ross Road. Look out for another clean-up day in our area soon!

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