Tidy-up Day 2010

The big skip’s back in the school playground again – and it didn’t take long to fill! As always, many thanks to Festival Republic for their sponsorship and to everyone who took part.

The Big Lunch

On Sunday 18 July 2010 we held a Big Lunch – an opportunity to meet the neighbours for a picnic in the school playground. The lunch was part of the Eden Project’s national Big Lunch event, which had nearly a million participants in 2009, its first year.

Grow your own!

We had a fun morning learning how to plant and nurture our own vegetables. Local expert Sara Kopp showed us the best ways to plant the seeds, and we had a go at doing it ourselves.

The Big Spring Clean 2009

Finally, the big skip returns again – for the Big Spring Clean on 25 April 2009! We managed to fill the skip, sponsored by Reading Festival organisers Festival Republic, in 4 hours – and recycle some of the more useful stuff too!

We’re down in the ditch again!

On 16 August 2008 we continued where we left off with our clean-up of Vastern Ditch. During the Reading Rescue weekend back in March we worked with Caversham GLOBE to clear the ditch of litter – this time we had a go at clearing the main obstructions to get the ditch flowing again.

Bell Tower to the rescue!

On 15 March 2008 the Bell Tower Community Association joined Caversham GLOBE for the annual Reading Rescue clean-up event. Around 10 of us spent the afternoon clearing litter out of the ditch alongside the Rivermead, and fished out several sacks of rubbish, along with over 50 car tyres and various traffic cones and bails of newspapers.

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