Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the community

The next few weeks and months will be challenging times everywhere. With many people likely to have to stay at home it will be time for local volunteers to help out, and we have been asked by several residents already what we can do to facilitate community action.

Here are some useful sources of information – we will add to this as necessary:

Current NHS advice:

Reading Borough Council information:

Information from Reading Voluntary Action:

Can you help?

We envisage volunteers doing various tasks, such as doing shopping for people who are unable to go out and keeping in touch with elderly and vulnerable residents. There will no doubt be plenty of other things that volunteers will be called upon to help with, and these will become apparent as the situation develops.

Right now our intention is to start and maintain a contact list of local volunteers, and as things progress to get them involved in helping others in the community as they are needed.

Would you like to help? Please give us your contact details using the form below. The information will only be used by us to help coordinate local volunteering projects in the Bell Tower area and will not be shared with anyone else except with your permission.

Do you need help (or know anyone that does)? Please email us at or phone 07459 013443.